General Services:

  • CO and pedestal labeling
  • Cable bonding

Complete Fiber Optic Splicing:

  • Ribbon splicing
  • Single fiber fusion
  • Pigtail splicing

Complete Fiber Optic Testing:

  • OTDR testing
  • Power meter and laser source testing
  • End to end testing
  • Reel testing
  • ORL
  • Trouble shooting

Preparation and Assembly of:

  • Buried enclosures
  • Aerial enclosures
  • Pedestals
  • Remote setup and cable management
  • CO patch panel installation and cable management
  • ONT mounting and assembly
  • Precise grounding techniques
  • CO cable routing
  • Cable damage assessments
  • Emergency fiber restoration services 
  • High priority in service "hot cuts"

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We currently provide the following services for enclosures and testing in the fiber optic industry. We understand the communications industry is an evolving field of technology and services. That is why we pride ourselves on being a flexible company that can adapt our services to meet our customers needs in such a volatile market. . Please contact us today to find out how we can provide you with quality and professional service for your upcoming projects.

  • FTTH
  • Fiber Toll Rings

Our Services & Specialties